Refurbished equipment

What if the spare funds to buy a new telescopic handler Manitou is not provided? In such cases, the best solution is to buy a refurbished Manitou telehandler and attachments.

Tekhno-Dvir is not only a manufacturer of attachments for various brands of telehandlers, an official dealer of Manitou equipment and a supplier of original spare parts, but also an official authorized service center of Manitou. Before the sale of the restored equipment, the telehandler  is completely repaired and maintained by first-class specialists. The team consists of exceptionally highly qualified engineers who have completed training at the official Manitu Center.

Work, which we do during restoring of a used loader: oil change, filter replacement, replacement of seals and bearings, replacement of crosses, coloration, and other repair work, which requires a specific telescopic loader, so that used equipment works as a new. In the process of repair, original Manitou spare parts and quality materials are used. In principle, we don't use outdated spare parts, because everything new is able to withstand a much stronger load and in conclusion to bring more benefits to our customers.

The refurbished loaders are delivered to the customer in excellent condition, absolutely ready for active work throughout the season. To order a refurbished telescopic handler, you can refer to our managers in one of our sales departments, or call the contacts listed on the website.