Unfortunately, not every agricultural enterprise can afford to buy new Manitou machinery and get all its benefits on its farm. That is why Tekhno-Dvir provides a lease of Manitou telescopic handlers with operator. The rent of the telescopic loader in Ukraine cheaply. The capacity of the Manitou telescopic handler is up to four tons, and the height of the work is up to 18 m. In particular, we offer the rent of various attachments to perform all types of work you need. Rent of a grab bucket, rent of forks, rent of a grain bucket, rent of grabs, rent of a work platform, rent of a bucket-concrete mixer, rent of a snow plough blade, etc.
Renting a Manitou telescopic handler will replace 6 different types of equipment on your farm, construction, or manufacturing plant. It will be enough to change the attachment in just a few minutes and the functionality of the loader changes immediately. With one machine you can lift and transport bulk cargo, mix and feed concrete, lift pallets with building materials directly to the top floors, clear the area of snow or debris, work with silage, work with bales, and work at height, such as billboards.
Thanks to the fact that the Manitou telehandler is controlled by all 4 wheels at once, it does not need a lot of space for turns and it can carry out works where another truck crane can not come. Manitou loaders are very maneuverable, easy to operate, and very stable thanks to the additional stops. You will be able to carry out the necessary work even in the most difficult areas by renting a telescopic loader. Once you appreciate the versatility, efficiency, and convenience of using the Manitou telescopic handler, you will refuse to keep separate equipment in your company fleet for each type of work forever.
The whole list, description, characteristics, and the conditions of rent you can find in managers of Tekhno-Dvir and also viewed on the online pages of our website.

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