WARNING! Due to the current situation in our country, leasing conditions are changing rapidly. Check the current conditions with our managers.
The Tekhno-Dvir company together with partner banks, offer profitable financing conditions to all the willings in the purchase of agricultural machinery and attachments Manitou, Tekhno-Dvir.
Simple leasing operations facilitate the activities of middle - class businesses, small enterprises and also ordinary landowners. This is a great opportunity to save money today!
Besides, you get fixed assets in short terms. Partner banks provide customers with favorable financial solutions on flexible terms.
We guarantee an individual approach to each transaction. In this way, the farmer gets a great opportunity to become the owner of high - quality, most powerful equipment in the shortest period with the best pricing policy.
It is easy and accessible for every agricultural enterprise to buy telehandlers Manitou and attachments Tekhno-Dvir in Ukraine.
The goal of our company is to make your work process as easy as possible and increase the income using the first-class equipment.

OTP financing terms

Financing term

12 month

24 month


48 month

60 month

Advance payment


Bid USD (+Libor 1M)






Interest rates may vary slightly depending on seasonality

* A one-time fee of 1.5% is set for the provision of financing

Additional Information:

In addition to the interest rate, OTP Leasing additionally finances (included in the repayment schedule):

  • Insurance of the subject of leasing;
  • Registration of equipment in state bodies;
  • Installation and maintenance of GPS equipment;
  • Currency conversion fee, when financing is linked to a foreign currency.

Terms of financing from PRIVAT BANK

Prepaid expense

12 month

24 month

36 month


The company Donsnab-Zahid together with PrivatBank offers you the most favorable conditions for the purchase of equipment :

  • Leasing term - up to 5 years
  • Adapted repayment schedule taking into account the seasonality of the business.
  • You don't have to retire all 100% of the purchase price. You can pay for the equipment in installments from the profits from its use.
  • You save on tax payments through depreciation, VAT tax credit, and increased costs for interest and commissions.
  • Leasing equipment is issued quickly and directly at the bank without the participation of a leasing company.
  • Timely fulfillment of obligations by the equipment supplier is guaranteed by PrivatBank
  • No additional collateral is required to raise financing


from 12 to 60 month

Funding amount

from 200 thousand UAH - for SME clients; view UAH 1 million to 300 million - for corporate clients

Rate (in hryvnia)

from 3 to 19% per annum depending on the affiliate program

One-time commission

None, but at the request of the client can be applied to reduce the standard interest rate

Prepaid expense

New equipment: 20% of the value of the leased asset - self-propelled SGT; 30% - mounted and trailed SG equipment. Equipment has been adopted: from 40% of the value of the leased asset. At the end of the lease agreement, the age of the used equipment must not exceed 7 years.

Payment schedule

Seasonal, at least 2 times a year, with monthly interest payment


depending on the tariffs of an insurance company accredited by the bank (link to insurance calculator)


1) equipment is leased; 2) guarantee (owner / director)

Who is granted

Legal entity / individual entrepreneur

Terms of financing from ESKA CAPITAL

Subject of leasing

new or used: cars and trucks, special machinery, tractors and combines, construction machinery, road construction machinery, etc.

To whom do we give

individuals, entrepreneurs, legal entities

Advance payment

depending on the equipment or financial condition of the client, from 30%


up to 60 months - for new equipment, up to 36 months - for used equipment


hryvnia - without pegging to the exchange rate, etc. currency


CASCO and OSAGO (corporate tariff, less than standard)

Additional costs

included in lease payments and broken down for the entire period
(registration, insurance, payment of transport fee, etc.)

Early repayment

without penalties

Repayment schedule

Annuity - regular payments throughout the term, including debt repayment and commissions

Declining - repayment of debt by reducing the amount of monthly payment, each subsequent month.

Seasonal schedule or intensive repayment scheme - calculated individually depending on the client's needs

The percentage increase in equipment

From 13.2% to 17.3% per year depending on the term and type of equipment

The terms of financing and the procedure for drawing up a leasing agreement are described below.

  • Currency of financing - hryvnia. The payment schedule is fixed at the time of signing the lease agreement, and throughout the term of the agreement, any currency jumps will not affect your monthly payments.
  • Minimum advance payment - from 30%.
  • Term of financing from 12 to 36 months.
  • The schedule of lease payments shows absolutely all costs. There are no additional payments or hidden fees.
  • The lessee can be either a legal entity or a natural person-entrepreneur or just a natural person.
  • The schedule includes CASCO insurance, OSAGO (if necessary) and all registration costs.
  • The equipment can be serviced both at the official service and at any service center, at your discretion.
  • For the period of the leasing agreement, the equipment will be registered with the leasing company. After the end of the lease you will be able to put it on yourself.

In order to use the leasing service you need to submit documents to prove solvency. Documents can be sent scanned by copy by e-mail. The decision can be received within one working day.

During the term of the financial leasing agreement, you can buy the equipment ahead of time in two ways:

  • If the lease term is more than 1 year, you can redeem the leased object on any day. There are no penalties for early termination of the contract. You will receive a deregistered technical certificate and an act of fulfillment of obligations to the leasing company.
  • If the term is less than 1 year, the leasing company cannot transfer ownership. But it is possible to repay the unpaid balance on the body of the leased asset in order to minimize interest overpayments.