Comparison Manitou MLT-X 735 T LSU and MLT-X 737-130 PS+

Manitou MLT 737-130 PS+ New Ag applies to the class of universal telehandlers that have been produced since 2016 for the European market.

In 2019, Manitou MLT-X 737-130 PS+, adapted for our market, was presented at the agricultural exhibition in Ukraine. Thanks to the 145 Ah reinforced Battery and Euro 3 engine without soot filter, the loader can work on lower quality fuel and in more difficult conditions.

One of the main advantages of the Manitou MLT 737 is the using of a fundamentally different Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 TCD series engine with a Common Rail Fuel System (the most modern and economical fuel supply system currently used in diesel engines). The engine was presented as a simple and reliable, small volume, but high-power engine. The Manitou 737 produces 129 hp, which is 28 hp more than its predecessor, the Manitou MLT 735 LSU. 

This advantage allows quick hydraulic operations at low speeds and consequently even greater fuel savings. 

Manitou is the most economical telehandler among competitors! The Manitou MLT-X 735 added a fourth hydraulic oil cooler and changed the cooling radiator drive system to be hydraulic, smoother, quieter and independent of engine speed. It is possible to adjust the interval of the CLEAN FIX function, automatic fan reverse, for 3, 5, 15, 30 minutes and automatic switching on during overheats of the liquids.

The Gearbox. Both models 735 and 737 have the same type of transmission, it is a torque converter, however, the gearbox on Manitou MLT 735 T LSU Powershuttle (manual gear shifting, there is a physical handle in the driver's cab), instead, the successor Manitou MLT-X 737-130 has PowerShift Plus Turner PG115 ( (3 regimes of work: automatic gear shifting; manual gear shifting with the “+” and “-” buttons on the joystick; the regime of gear limit, there is no gear knob). Accordingly, the maximum driving speed has been increased: MLT-X 737 is 40 km/h, Manitou MLT 735 has 35 km/h, and the number of gears for Manitou 737: 6 forward and 3 reverse for Manitou 735: 4 forward and 4 reverse.

Hydraulics. Both models have axial piston hydraulic pumps installed, but with different capacities: 108 l - Manitou MLT 735 T LSU, and Casappa 150 l - Manitou MLT-X 737-130, which adds "speed" in work when 3 hydraulic functions are using simultaneously. Three hydraulic modes: Comfort, Dynamic and Dynamic +. Hydraulic pressure release button as standard.

Load capacity. The Model MLT-X 737-130 PS+ can handle a 200 kg heavier load at the same lift height of 6.9 m and 100 kg at a maximum overhang of 3.9 m, although the breakout force on the bucket is stronger on  Manitou 735 (6825 daN) compared to Manitou 737 (5520 daN).

Comfort. The MLT-X 737-130 PS+ cab has the following advantages:

  • The new NewAg cab with panoramic window is the quietest in its class at 69 dB. Reduced vibration level;
  • Easy step - easy access to the cab through the cutout for the operator's  foot;
  • 2 different display types: Harmony and Vision with improved providing information about the status of the telehandler;
  • Seat-integrated floating armrest with JSM joystick and new control and navigation system;
  • Double Switch Buttons technology (Manitou patent);
  • New hydraulic brake system. Much more efficient and convenient. The brake pedal is pressed easier than in a car;
  • New grill on the roof. Optimum visibility thanks to grille design. The angle of the plates is adapted to the lifting height of each machine (Manitou patent);
  • Engine start is authorized from the operator's seat and FNR neutral position;
  • The handbrake has been improved, and in an operator-friendly format;
  • Electric  windows;
  • Disabling the mass of the loader;
  • Convenient toolbox with a lock;
  • USB output for phone charging + standard "cigarette lighter";
  • Several places for storing personal belongings of the operator.