The staff of Tekhno-Dvir congratulates you on the Vyshyvanka Day!

The Ukrainian embroidered shirt "Vyshyvanka" is one of the main symbols of our people. It tells stories and writes destinies. This is a unique code of the ethnos with encrypted charms and signs.

Each region has its own look and embroidery ornament, demonstrating the uniqueness of Ukrainian culture. The embroidered shirt was considered a talisman against everything that could happen in human life.

On this day, the entire Ukrainian people wore "Vyshyvanka" as a sign of unity, patriotism, disobedience, and support for Ukraine. While the war is going on, we do our best to support our defenders and show that Ukraine is united and independent, with all the traditions and our authentic culture.

We wish for a peace in every home, harmony, love, and good health. Let the Vyshyvanka in every family be a talisman against all evil. We wish to strengthen the Ukrainian identity for the sake of prosperity!